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The core of the Specter ST's power is the Bafang G510(M620) motor, which itself is the flagship of Bafang’s lineup. The G510 motor holds a royal flush of specs: mid-drive, 1000w, torque sensor, 160 N.m torque, and both throttle and pedal assist. In layman’s terms, the motor has great balance, power, utility, feels intuitive, and is used in high-powered cargo bikes, mountain bikes, and high-speed bikes alike. The torque-sensing pedal assist from the motor is a standout feature for climbing use. With a press of the feet, the electric system would deliver power perfectly tailored to the pressure of the pedals. The predictability and immediacy of the torque sensor delivered the perfect amount of power in most any condition. The match of intuition and technology make this an excellent motor for rough and varied conditions, something that a cadence-based motor simply cannot do. With the Bafang G510(M620) motor, Specter ST has truly outdone itself. The mid-drive, 1000w motor boasts a torque sensor with a whopping 160 N.m torque, and not to mention, it offers both throttle and pedal assist capabilities. This blend of technology and intuition allows for predictable and immediate power delivery, making it perfect for climbing and navigating varied terrains. Whether you're riding a cargo bike, mountain bike, or high-speed bike, the Specter ST's motor has the balance, power, and versatility to match any condition.


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